MPHSA Committee

MPHSA Committee 2019-2020


Hi everyone, I’m Zee and I’m an MPH student who’s passionate about primary health care, specifically in relation to women’s and children’s health. I’m a massive foodie and I love reading and going on hikes. Feel free to email me and ask questions at


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As the secretary, I am responsible for collective leadership with other members of the MPHSA committee in running the club. My main roles include maintaining club documents and records, communicating with students and faculty, working with the Treasurer for submission of grant applications and organizing AGMs.

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Hi everyone, I’m Isobel and I’m the Treasurer for the MPHSA committee for 2019-2020. My role mostly involves keeping financial records for the club and securing grants so that we can run both academic and social events for our members. I’m studying the Master of Science (Epidemiology) so if you have any questions relating to Epi/Biostats subjects I’m always happy to have a chat. I also completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne so happy to answer any questions about the campus/library/admin as I know it very well by now. I can be reached at

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Communication Officer:

Hi everyone, it’s Janice here! I’m currently completing my final year of MPH with a capstone research project that focuses on adolescent health. I am passionate about healthcare, education and a variety of global issues like climate change. Before MPH, I graduated from biomedicine (basically qualifies me as a legitimate nerd), which makes me an avid lover of science memes. When I’m not in class, you can find me burying myself in books and being an active caffeine addict with an iced coffee in hand. Building connections with people is one of my biggest passions. I love meeting new people, and I pride myself on being an attentive listener. As your Communication Officer, I will strive to make sure that your opinions and perspectives on every aspect of MPH life are heard by the right people. Keep an eye out for regular updates on our social media platforms and let me know if you would like to see different content!

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Education Officer:

Hi everyone! My name is Adriana and I am currently in my second year of the MPH. I have a strong interest in health promotion and global health and would like to pursue a career in those areas. Besides the MPH, I am also super passionate in anything that involves youth engagement. Hence why I am involved with Podium, which is a youth-driven, non-profit organisation that aims to amplify the voices of Muslim youth. As a student myself, I also have a keen interest to improve the student experience on campus. I believe it is super important that we are supported throughout our learning experience. Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback on your MPH experience, or even, if you just want to have a casual chat with me!

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IT Officer

Hi everyone! I’m Julia and I’m the IT Officer for the MPHSA committee of 2019-2020. The major part of my role is to maintain the website with news and current events happening with the MPHSA but I also will help you guys out with any IT related issues you have. I’m an avid netballer and baker while being a bit of a nerd. I’m a Master of Science (Epidemiology) student in my second year and have just started my research project. Send me a message if you have any questions about the course or just want to chat!


If you see anything on the website that needs fixing or any recommendations send me an email at

Events Coordinator:


Hi, my name is Adna Farah and I am a final year MPH student and also the event coordinator for the MPHSA. I am currently doing the global health and health promotion stream. Beside MPH, I also am a poet and love watching TV shows. My email is, feel free to email me with any suggestions for social events or if you have anything you will like to discuss.

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Alumni Coordinator:

Hey everyone, my name is Phymei and I’m your new alumni relations officer! I am currently navigating through the second year of my MPH, and while I am passionate about all health-related affairs, I have a keen focus on health policy and program evaluation.

I look forward to connecting the new students with the old and hope to provide opportunities for learning and growth across the faculty. See you soon! 🙂

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International Officer:

Hello everyone! My name is Shreya ( you can call me Rey), I am about to start my second semester as an MPH student at the UoM, which means that I am a fairly recent international who has gone through what you are going through or will go through soon. I am a Doctor of Medicine from India, which is my home country, but I have lived between the U.S and India for as long as I can remember. Basically, been an international student all my life and which is why I understand the little and the not so little changes that happen with transition. I am here to help you in whatever way I can so, do not hesitate to contact me and I am always up for a chat or a coffee��. I hope Melbourne will be as amazing for you as it has been for me.

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Research by Higher Degree Officer:

Qualified as a medical doctor in Pretoria, South Africa then worked for a few years before coming to Australia to do my MPH. I believe in making the most of my 2 years here so I dance, I’ve done leadership programs, I’m on the Australia Awards Scholars Club committee and many other things. I don’t want to live a life of regret so I’m making the most of every moment.


Email contact: Attention Research by Higher Degree Officer

MPHSA Committe 2018-2019

MPHSA Committee (September 2017 – Present)

Back row: Jackie, Hubert, Lachie, Edwin, Martin

Frontrow: Bertha, Nancy, Kate, Jeanie, Claire




MPHSA Commitee (September 2017 – Present)

President: Kate Chalmers

Treasurer: Martin Vu

Secretary: Edwin Kwong

Communications Officer: Kunzhao Huang (Hubert)

Education Officer: Claire Keen

International Student Representative: Francisca Albertha (Bertha)

Events Coordinator: Lachlan Serle

Alumni Officer: Jeanie Hourani

IT Officer: Jackie Chan Hon Tang

Research by High Degree Officer: Nancy Rivers Tran

2017 – 2018 MPHSA Committee


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Kate Chalmers is in her third year of the Master of Public Health, specialising in Gender and Women’s Health. She has a background in sociology and has worked as a project officer for the NSW Reconciliation Council in Sydney. She hopes to go into public policy when she graduates. She is excited to be a part of the MPHSA and to continue the great work the team has achieved so far. Her favourite thing about the MPH is the sense of community among students, and she hopes to use her role as president to further strengthen this community.



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Hi! My name is Martin and I am in my second year of my MPH. I came from a science background before starting my graduate studies. In my MPH, I’m interested in the health economics side of public health, and would love to apply what I learn in health sectors like mental health and sexual health. I find the MPHSA to be a very enriching student association because it engages students from different backgrounds with their studies, professional development, socially, and most importantly, with each other. I am very excited and proud to be part of the MPHSA and can’t wait to meet everyone!



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Hi everyone! I’m Edwin, and I am in the second year of my MPH. I have a keen interest in global health, and primary health care. I am also particularly interested in ensuring that the students of the MSPGH have a well-rounded education, as I hope to provide students with opportunities to learn more about the myriad social issues that affect population health through the MPHSA; and for students from all backgrounds to have an inclusive experience during their time at the school, and at the university. I’d love to hear your concerns or feedback on how the MPHSA, or the MSPGH can do better; or just to have a chat with you, really! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Communications Officer

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Kunzhao (Hubert) is currently studying at The University of Melbourne undergoing his first semester of the Master of Public Health, nursing his passion for both global health and sexual health. You might catch him chilling at the Castro with his favourite matcha latte, attempting music with his Ukulele at Carlton Gardens, or struggling to learn free style at the uni swimming pool. He has a passion to connect to others and bring people together. Feel free to contact him through Facebook or email at He’s always keen to meet other MPH fellows for a chat.


Education Officer

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I am currently completing an MPH at the University of Melbourne. I chose to do the MPH as a way to combine an appreciation for the importance social science, fostered in my undergraduate, with a life-long passion for health and science. I went straight into the MPH having graduated from a bachelor of Arts majoring in sociology in 2015. I also work in outdoor education, so spend half of my weeks camping in the bush and half my weeks cramming in the library. I am very passionate about the students’ experience of learning and education and want to make sure that we all get the most out of our courses. Please feel free to chat to me or send me an email if you’re having any difficulties, have any suggestions for improvements, or have really enjoyed some part of your course experience. I’m excited to hear for you!


International Student Representative

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Hey peeps, my name is Bertha 😊 It makes sense to have an International Student Officer that’s an international student herself, so my experience of living some 26 years in Jakarta, Indonesia kind of fits the description. I game (PC and PS4), eat nice food (the wonders of Melbourne’s dumpling joints never cease to amaze me), pat random dogs that I meet in parks and on the streets, ice skate, and nap (who doesn’t like naps, right?). I worked in a private laboratory in molecular diagnostics for 3.5 years before coming here, which is quite a veer off the field where I talked to machines on a daily routine and now I have to talk to people, like, real people.
As the International Student Officer, I hope all international students can be more involved in the MPHSA: any experience, may it be big or small, that you bring from home is very valuable to your fellow students who have never ever lived a life like yours! Also when you’re here, go ahead and make new friends, the further away from your hometown the better! Please feel free to contact me via e-mail:, I’d love to hear from you!



Events Coordinator

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Hey friends, I’m Lachie and I’m in my 2nd year of the MPH focusing on health economics and evaluation with much too broad an interest in everything else the MPH offers! I grew up over in Geelong and previously studied Science at Monash with a major in physiology. I’ve always liked the idea of having a cosy, close-knit cohort and it’s been a pleasure meeting so many friendly and like-minded people in the course so far. I’d love to continue fostering these new relationships through our events and seeing where we can improve to engage more of our students. Always open to event suggestions and looking forward to meeting more of you 


IT Officer

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Hi there. I’m Jackie, an internatonal student from Malaysia. I have an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) in International Medical University. Prior to coming to Melbourne, I spent a few years wasting my life away at a job I dislike (just kidding). It was an interesting opportunity to be exposed to the retail medical industry in Malaysia. However, I have always wanted to continue my studies. Currently, what I want to achieve from MPH is to expand my expertise in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics, focusing on HIV and AIDs. As an IT officer, I will be in charge of managing the student association website ( and constantly update on events, job availability and freebies! Feel free to contact me at Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Alumni Officer


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Hi! My name’s Jeanine and I’m really excited to have been re-elected as your Alumni Officer!! I’m currently in my second year of the MPH having come from an Immunology & Microbiology background. I grew up moving around a lot which is why I’m passionate about Global Health, especially Refugee & Migrant Health. I’ve loved my time on the MPHSA so far and I can’t wait for what’s to come in the next year!



Research by Higher Degree Officer

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Hey everyone! This is Nancy from MSci (Epi). I was born oversea (in Vietnam) and came to Australia when I was 9. Adapting to life here was difficult because of language barriers. I couldn’t even say “hello” in English back then! But after years of coffee drinking and brunch eating, I think I could consider myself a Melbournian now. In 2015, I completed my Bachelor in Science (Pathology) in the University of Melbourne. I then took a year off studying to find my true calling and realised that even though I love research, I didn’t have the patience to wait 20 years to see the fruits of hard work. From that point on, I knew Public Health/Epidemiology sector was what I want to be involved in. My current interests in Epi are research in non-communicable disease and Science Communication.
Feel free to contact me about any question you might have about Graduate Research Degree and I will try my best to find as much information as I can for you.
Funny fact about me: I also complete a course in Patisserie while doing my undergraduate degree and my bunny’s name is Bunbun (very creative, I know)



MPHSA Committee (September 2016 – August 2017)

MPHSA Committee (September 2016 – August 2017)

President: Mashaal Chaudhri

Treasurer: Eunice Wu

Secretary: Rujuta Nikam

Communications Officer: Ada Castle

Education Officer: Anne-Marie Bollier

International Student Representative: Made Utari Rimayanti

Events Coordinator: Jess Smith

Alumni Officer: Nishadee Liyanage

IT Officer: Ellen Soebiantoro




“Mashaal was recently elected President of the MPHSA after previously serving on the MPHSA committee as events coordinator and secretary during 2016. Born in Perth and raised in Pakistan, Mashaal is a doctor who has studied abroad in several countries who is now in the second year of her MPH. Mashaal has been involved with global public health initiatives for many years and is very excited to be your president and getting to know all of you. She is always available for a chat, to share her food and give hug. She may function best after a cup of coffee and is looking forward to a great year with the MPHSA!”

EUNICE WU (Treasurer)

“Hi everyone. I am Eunice, from China. I like dancing and traveling. Joining MPH in Feb 2016, I am definitely falling in love with the MPH family, especially when everyone shares the same passion of making small changes and making the world a little bit better. Admittedly, funding is important for all our good wishes to come true. As a treasurer, I am here trying to bring most enjoyments to all our events with solid funding. Please feel free to contact me through!

PS. The key message here actually is you have to visit China at least once in your life. There are tons of amazing scenery and fascinating culture. I am always more than happy to share with you.”

RUJUTA NIKAM (Secretary)

“Hi everyone! Firstly, It is a great privilege to be part of MPHSA and truly amazing to work with my talented colleagues on the committee! I like meeting new people, getting to know their stories and encouraging them in their endeavours. I believe it is an incredible journey and as Secretary; I will to able to create a difference! Please feel free to shoot me an email or contact us on the website or on the Facebook pages; for any queries, suggestions and feedback! Your support is highly valuable for us at MPHSA!
Contact details: or”

ADA CASTLE (Communications Officer)

“Hey I’m Ada, a local Melburnian and first year MPH-yer. I work in student welfare and advocacy and volunteer in community peer education. My areas of interest in public health are participatory research, evaluation, social justice and health promotion. I’m hoping to keep you guys as connected as possible to the MPHSA, your MPH degree and broader UniMelb info and activities. I also love introducing non-locals to the gorgeous city of Melbourne so get in contact for cafe or road trip recommendations!”

ANNE-MARIE BOLLIER (Education Officer)

“Anne-Marie is an avid list-maker and a proponent of incidental exercise (all praise the bicycle). She came to the MPH from a background in museum work, so you’re bound to get her attention by bringing up intersections between health promotion and cultural anthropology. A former teacher and swim coach, she deeply values student experience and looks forward to supporting academic and extracurricular student life for Melbourne Population Health students.”

MADE UTARI RIMAYANTI (International Students Officer)

“Made (or rather, Dedek, as she is known among friends and family) is a first year MPH student from Bali, Indonesia. She is absolutely frightened, yet excited to be the new voice for International Students in MPH. Her hobby includes swimming, singing, and Balinese dancing. If you share similar interests, or have anything you want to say to her, she’s available on FB (Made Utari Rimayanti), Whatsapp (+6281239998055), or email (”

JESS SMITH (Events Coordinator)

“Hi everyone! My name is Jess. I started the MPH at the beginning of 2016 after completing my undergrad in Biomedicine (and taking a year off to travel). Social interaction is arguably the best part of uni, so I’m stoked to be your events officer! I’m excited to contribute to the social aspect of the MPHSA, and can hopefully help to facilitate lots of new friendships and fun. Looking forward to meeting more of you over the next year


“Nisha loved being in the MPHSA so much that she is returning as your Alumni Officer for 16/17. She is from Perth, but has lived in Melbourne for three glorious years. She partakes in cycling, yoga and boxing. Her favourite fruit is durian and she enjoys the occasional Bloody Mary. In her MPH she has focused on global health, health promotion and policy. She feels the impending catastrophe of NCDs and wants to be a part of the solution. Nisha loves being an MPH student and hearing stories from her peers from around the world. As Alumni Officer she hopes to improve your student experience by connecting current students within the community of former students doing wonderful things. If you have any questions (or stories) for Nisha, you can contact her on Facebook or”


“Hello everyone! My name is Ellen. I came in February 2016 after finishing my Medical Doctor degree at Indonesia and started the Master of Public Health at University of Melbourne. I have met wonderful friends with awesome backgrounds and experiences all over the world, and looking forward to meeting more of new friends (you)! 🙂 I would love to contribute as much I can to MPSHA, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything!”

Previous MPHSA Committees

MPHSA Committees (August 2015 – August 2016)
President: Pamela Frenk Barquin
Treasurer: Shantanu P. Sheshgir
Communications Officer: Rosario Garcia-Huidobro
Education Officer: Nishadee Liyanage
International Student Representative: Akansha Gurbaxani
Events Officer: Mashaal Chaudhri
Alumni Officer: Fayaz Ali Roomi
IT Officer: Rachit Maynil

MPHSA Committee (October 2014 – August 2015)

Photos and graphics credits to Niraj Shrestha (via MPHSA Facebook page), MPHSA Communication Officer

MPHSA Committee (April 2014 – October 2014)


President: Bridget Nwagbara
Secretary: Su Su Aung
Communications Officer: Lisa Tarh
Eduction Officer: Laura Thomas
Treasurer: Anne Amadi
IT Officer: Amir Hanna
RHD Representative: Anna Yeung
International Student Representative: Guy-Robert Lahens

Message from Bridget Nwagbara

I’m Bridget Akudo Nwagbara, I took up the role of the MPHSA President exactly a month ago (3 Apr 2014). Since then it has been very exciting experience finalizing handover from the past committee and engaging with staff members who are dedicated to the committee. I have an amazing and motivated team with SuSu Aung (General Secretary), Lisa Tarh (Communication Officer). Anne Amadi (Treasurer), Laura Thomas (Education Officer), Amir Hanna (IT officer), Guy Roberts Lahens (International Student Rep) and Anna Yeung (Research Higher Degree Rep). Together, we make up what I term the 3-E TEAM. We aim to Engage, Enrich and Empower Melbourne Uni MPH students.

We will ENGAGE with students to Improve academic learning. Planned activities to achieve this include; monthly brunch, Online subject reviews, student/staff forums and study group tutorials. We will also engage with Alumni to share their success stories and motivate students

We will ENRICH academic experience with fun-packed events like the cultural diversity night and create opportunity for students to gain hands-on skills in solving health problems through our Global health debate competitions.

We will EMPOWER students to position themselves in the competitive global health field, initiate projects, take on leadership roles and grab the jobs and opportunities out there. We will achieve this with the Career Night , volunteer opportunities and updates on jobs in different parts of the World.

Bridget Nwagbara,

MPHSA President

2013/2014 Executive Committee

  • President: Lucy Westerman

I commenced studying my MPH part time at the beginning of 2012, with a particular interest in health promotion addressing child and adolescent health and wellbeing. I am loving being back at university, not only finding the challenges and conversations provocative and stimulating, but also meeting incredible and inspiring people whose missions in life are to do amazing things. When I am not at uni juggling studies and MPHSA, I am married with 2 sons in primary school. Prior to starting my family, I studied Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Honours in Public Health focusing on children’s eating preferences and behaviour in school. I have also managed a regulatory program in the Victorian Department of Health. I was recently a founding director in a non profit advocacy organisation, and am an active and involved member of our children’s school community within the learning program and holding a position on the School Board. I am a member of The Parents Jury Steering Committee and recently commenced a volunteer role with the Obesity Policy Coalition. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to expand our connections and knowledge through social media, so you can find me on twitter @lewest


  • Secretary: Su Su Aung

My interest in public health really began with my experience of the Nargis cyclone in 2008 when I volunteered as a medical officer to save the survivors of Cyclone, and realized the importance of Public Health. Since then, I have been desired to improve and promote the health status of people especially from the remote region who are in need. As an international student, I am very passionate about studying global health issues. Health Economic is one of my interests as well.

My objectives as a secretary in the MPHSA is to liaise between students and the MSPH, to bring public health news to the association, will keep communication with students by following the aims of the club. Socializing and networking are must things to do in my life. I have been living in Melbourne for couple of months and am really enjoying staying here.

My motto for the committee is “Let Students Know that MPHSA exists!!”


  • Treasurer: Nicole Moore

I am passionate about preventative medicine. More specifically, enabling sufferers of all kinds of dis-ease to take an active management approach to their healthcare and with a background in physiotherapy, consider physical activity one powerful tool towards this goal. Having specialised for 5 years in neurological physiotherapy both in the UK and Germany, I returned to Melbourne where my interest concentrated towards pain management. I work alongside a fabulous multidisciplinary team within the Royal Melbourne Hospital Pain Clinic, marrying my passion for mindfulness with physical rehabilitation. Amongst many opportunities I see emerging through having commenced the MPH this year, I hope to gain skills to further empower patients, communities and clinicians alike in the management of the complex and elusive nature of persistent pain. In all facets of my life I endeavour to carry the ethos so well bestowed in the satire of Oscar Wilde, in his quote “Life is too important to be taken seriously”.



  • Education Officer: Nicole Brady

I returned to Melbourne University in February, commencing full time study of MPH. Loving every minute of it (well, most minutes) and finding the university experience vastly different than when I did a BA at Melbourne many moons ago, majoring in psychology. Once I finished my BA I strapped on a backpack and did the obligatory long stint travelling overseas for three years before returning and landing a job at The Age newspaper. I worked there as a journalist for 20 years, doing many varied and often thrilling jobs. The beauty of journalism is being a jack of all trades, master of none, my interests saw me variously located in the politics bureaux, writing about social policy, covering sports, editing the television guide, campaigning on domestic violence and exposing the dangers in child pornography laws for young people who engage in sexting. As editor of the television guide I began a daily spot on the top-rating 3AW morning talkback radio show with Neil Mitchell. I continue in this role, now once a week debating social issues with Neil and listeners. I am married, mother of two daughters, passionate about exercise, often tired and (mostly) a very happy student.


  • Communications Officer: Ghazaleh Dashti

I started my MPH at the second semester of 2012, focusing on Epidemiology and Biostatistics, with a flavour of Global Health! I was drawn to public health after traveling for some months around and Middle East, East Asia, and India and seeing the disparity in health. I finished my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in my hometown, Tehran, six months before coming to Melbourne. During my years at dental school, I worked as research assistance, studying the effects of stem cells on bone regeneration! These days I am enjoying every moment of life in and out of the university. I am surprised that Epidemiology is not boring but fascinating, I am super exited to meet so many amazing people from all over the world, and I am captivated by the amazing coffee culture in Melbourne.



  • Past Executive Committee Members:
  • 2012/2013: Chris Bates (President), Sarah Strong, Kerryn Moore, Frances Cameron, Lucy Westerman, Syed Ariz, Louise Bouchier


MPHSC Comittee 2012

2012 MPHSC Executive Committee (from left to right)    Syed Ariz, Sarah Strong, Chris Bates, Louise Bourchier