Males 17-19 years are needed for HPV research

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Heterosexual males between 17-19 years of age- we need you!

The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre is currently looking for heterosexual males between the ages of 17-19 years to participate in a study on the prevalence of HPV infections. Your participation will be reimbursed with a Coles-MYER voucher that can be used at Liquor Land, Officeworks, etc. All that you need to do is make an appointment with Bec, the research nurse, to attend the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre two blocks away and simply fill out a questionnaire and take a self-collected sample.


Want a bit more information?

HPV (the Human Papilloma Virus) is the common cold of STIs. While it can be symptomless, it can also cause genital warts and even cancer. A vaccine against the types of HPV that cause warts and cancer has been available for girls at school for a number of years, but programs have recently expanded to include school aged boys. Most of you will not have been vaccinated, but would have been afforded a good level of protection due to your sexual partners having had access to the vaccine.  Your involvement in the study will give us a good understanding of the impact of vaccinating males on HPV prevalence independently of the vaccination status of women. Basically, this means you’re very important to us! This study aims to compare those unvaccinated and vaccinated cohorts to evaluate the effect of the inclusion of males in the vaccination schedule when women are already vaccinated. This research will rationalise the inclusion of HPV vaccine in men in Australia, and potentially inspire other nations to do the same.

Now what?

To find out more, or make an appointment with Bec (the research nurse). You can call or send a text on 1800 037 288, email her at or wonder down to the centre and express your interest.

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre is located only a few blocks away from the Parkville campus at 580 Swanston Street. The entrance is unmarked to prevent embarrassment, so look for the sign above the garage next door.

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