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    Product description
    Frisbee fishing nets are woven from tire lines and have superior tensile strength, durability and long service life. The use of pure copper eight-word swivel, more durable, copper ring does not rust and does not fade long life. This product adopts uniform mesh design, which is machine-woven with uniform mesh weaving. Easy to throw out the fishing net, easy to spread. Bold hand rope, eight-word swivel, not wrapped around the net, bold drawing, high strength, not easy to break.

    Product parameters
    MaterialTire cordSpecificationsCustomizable
    Mesh sizeSmall meshDo you have glueNo

    Q: How do I get all your catalogs and price lists?
    A: For our catalog, please send an email to our email. We will send you all the checks. Your price will also be given, mainly the items we sell in your market.
    Q: Is the sample sent for free testing?
    A: Yes, I would like to provide free samples for your inspection, as long as the shipping cost will be paid by our valued customers.
    Q: If something goes wrong, what does your company do?
    A: The problem, honestly, even if we will check before shipment, it will still appear. After you receive the order, please send the image to us when the order is received and we will resend the damaged product.
    Q: Is OEM available?
    A: Yes, give you the idea. We also have professional designers who can make your own logo packaging.Fishing Net suppliers