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    This kind of floating seal usually install on bottom roller/carrier roller/front
    idler/sprocket of Excavator,the assembly of a floating seal is made up of two matching halves,each half has a metal ring and a rubber ring,which acts as secondary sealing element.
    Detailed Description:
    JB5720 is regular size ,metal face seal is designed to survive in most extreme conditions,so it is important for the quality of floating seal,our products should be inspected by three times,every step must be checked by a inspector,the life span of our products can be over 5000HURS.
    Part NoOutside DiameterInside DiameterHeightHRCWorking Surface FlatnessWorking Surface RoughnessRaw Material
    Checking Step:
    First step:
    Second step:
    Third step:Metal Face Seal manufacturers